About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Alakh Technologies is your one stop shop of a complete electronic and digital world under one umbrella. What started out as an electronic publishing company that today produces some of the finest content and engrossing material read by millions of readers on the net is also a fully integrated service providing every sphere of web development, software products, app development and software solutions.

Our humble beginnings to high growth

Alakh Technologies Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 3rd March 2014. With humble beginnings in a small town district in Bhiwani Haryana, The website has grown from strength to strength developing a strong fan and viewer base from its many content publishing products and digital services on the internet.

Our content

We produce brilliant and engaging content that continuously fulfills the expectations of our viewers and publishers. We aim to provide accurate information, engrossing news, spectacular viral stories and crisp content that seek to reach a 100% satisfaction level for our readers.

For our publishers we will always endeavor to provide up-to-date and accurate content with the potential for generating profitable revenue that benefits all.

Our products and services

We are a group of innovative and ambitious individuals collaborating together to provide the best of web development and software products for entrepreneurs and businesses. Backed by an excellent infrastructure to churn out fast track software solutions that improve industry and business operations, we are much in demand for the simplicity but efficiency of our products.

Our products are a combination of fast growing properties and products on the internet such as content developing networks, websites and blogs, and automated business software solutions including our own applications for the internet and mobile devices. We excel in a number of web based services that can provide dynamic web design and development, app development, software development and product development.

Vision Mission

We aim to emerge as the strongest organization for an ethical business approach. Another very important facet of Talent Software Solutions...

Why Alakh Technologies?

We are an expert, highly talented team dedicated for delivering flexible, efficient, reliable, Staffing and software and business automation Solutions.

Our Process

We produce brilliant and engaging content that continuously fulfills the expectations of our viewers and publishers.

Why Alakh Technologies

Alakh Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Company is one of the leading company for highly affordable mobile development packages

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