Our Products

Alakh technologies foray into the world of digital products development has yielded the company a lot of fruit into developing a variety of products ranging from content based viral websites and blogs to exceptional software’s that provide seamless business automation for industry, and large and small businesses.

We are now catering to a variety of industries and businesses through our innovative digital products that include content, viral websites, apps and portals, rented business automation products and applications for all niches of societ.

Why Alakh Technologies

Alakh Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Company is one of the leading company for highly affordable mobile development packages

EXTAM is like my virtual accountant who is always in my pocket. Now, I am stress free after using it from last 6 months. These days, my main focus on generating business, otherwise most of my time was spoiled in gazing at expenses and settling down vendors and my team's accounts.

Neha Chopra, New Arch Studio(An Architect and Interior Design Company)

Extam, made it possible for me to focus on more projects and productivity. It helped me to remove the biggest gap between my team/customers/vendors. I can't imagine my business life without EXTAM.

Vipin, Lift Shift Corporation, Chandigargh